This is just a short, silly, sexy piece I wrote to use up some excess

creative juices after completing the first draft of my Sailor Moon fic "Hot

Controversy 6." It's a lemon, and is intended for mature audiences. Standard

Fushigi Yuugi disclaimers apply: these characters ain't mine, I'm just

borrowing them for a little while.



Just a silly/sexy little Fushigi Yuugi piece


by Sailor Mac

The knock came at Miaka’s door early in the morning, before she had a

chance to dress. She opened the door just a crack and peeked out. . .

”Tamahome!” She flung the door the rest of the way open, and her lover

entered, grabbing her in his arms and pressing his lips to hers. She hugged

him tightly, her lips opening with a gasp, letting her tongue caress and

play with his.

“Everyone’s gone, or busy,” he whispered between kisses. “I just had to see you.”

“It’s so good to see you first thing in the morning, my love,” she

whispered back. “It’s almost like we’re married. . .”

She guided him over to the couch and sat down, her hand clasping his. “When did you get up?”

“About a half-hour ago. . .I slept very well last night.” He reached out

and caressed her hair, the hair that always felt like strands of finest silk

under his fingers. . . “I dreamed about you.”

“Really? I dreamed about you, too! We were back in my world, and we went shopping together, and for some reason, we were looking for snow boots, even though it was July! Then there was some kind of band playing in the middle

of the mall, and everyone was dancing but you said you didn’t want to dance

because you were afraid you’d get sucked back to this world if we did. .

.weird, huh?”

He chuckled. She had some strange dreams, all right. Must have had

something to do with the food she consumed right before going to bed. . .he

remembered when she told him about a dream she’d had during his imprisonment by Nakago in which Nakago fried and ate him. “And I said to Nuriko, ‘If anyone’s going to eat him, it’s going to be me!’” she’d said. . .and then, “Tamahome. . .why are you laughing?”

Oh, she ate me in my dream last night, all right, he thought.

“Yeah, it’s weird, all right.”

“So what was your dream about?”

“Hmm. . .” He pulled her closer, feeling her body heat through his clothes,

her bathrobe. . .he could catch a glimpse of her lacy little white bra

through the neckline, and he found it unbelivably arousing.

He brought his lips close to hers, slowly, slowly, and whispered, “It’s the

kind of dream where it’s better if I show you, instead of tell you. . .” And

his mouth was on hers, his tongue seeking hers out almost instantly. Miaka

moaned, and moaned louder as he slipped a hand inside her robe, cupping a

breast. His thumb found the hardening bud of her nipple through the fabric,

and flicked over it, over and over again.

“Ahh,” she said, as he took his mouth from hers and began to run his tongue up and down her neck. That drove her nuts, and he knew it.

And then, he pulled away from her. She let out a cry of disappointment.

“Stay here,” he whispered, leaning over to lightly kiss her lips. He went

to the door and bolted it, then closed and locked the shutters.

She saw this, and a huge smile spread over her face. She dropped her robe to the floor, followed by her underwear. He discarded his own clothing.

“You’re gorgeous, my love,” she said, breathlessly, as he walked slowly

toward her. Gods, she thought, he is *so* perfect. . .I get so hot just

looking at him, before he even touches me.

He knelt next to the couch. “So are you, my darling.” He took her face in

his hands. “Let me show you what my dream was. . .”

He kissed her, tenderly, at first a gentle caress. Then, his tongue began

to flutter in and out of her mouth, and she let out a long, low moan. His

hand swept down her body, and his fingers fluttered over the nipple of her

right breast. She opened her legs instinctively, feeling the heat start to

rise in her most secret juncture.

“So sexy,” he whispered, as he began to kiss his way down her neck. “So

beautiful. . .”

“Yes,” she moaned. “Ohh, you’re so good to me. . .”

“It’s going to get even better, darling,” he whispered. . .just before his

lips drew in a nipple. She felt his tongue flutter over it, then a few quick

kisses, then a gentle, but firm suction. . .She could only lean her head

back and cry out with passion as the pleasure overwhelmed her. He moved to

the other breast, and this time he licked the nipple with long, slow stokes,

making her shudder.

“Please,” she moaned. “Ohh, please. . .lower. . .”

“Yes, my love,” he whispered. “This is just how it was in my dream. . .now

relax, and I’ll show you what happened next. .”

She felt him move her legs further apart, and then, his hot breath on her

stomach. . .a few kisses as he worked his way down. . .

And then, his tongue was stroking her soft petals. He flicked in and out of

the entrance to her womanhood, then began to nibble at the nether lips. He

kissed her jewel, quickly, lapped it with his tongue once, and she cried

out. She arched her hips, mutely begging him for more, more. . .but he moved

his mouth away, kissing her inner thighs instead, creating just enough

sensation to drive her mad, make her feel her head was going to pop off. . .

“Ooohh. . .Tamahome. . .make me come, I need it, I need it so bad. . .”

“I will. . .hold on, love. It’ll be so good for you, I promise.” And he

began licking the outer lips, slowly, moving inward bit by agonizing bit. .

.Miaka writhed, her hands tangling in his hair, feeling like her blood had

turned to lava.

Without warning, he suddenly captured her pearl in his lips and began to

gently suck it. It flung her instantly over the edge. She was suddenly

seized with hot spasms as surge after surge of delicious sensation consumed

her, and she let out a shriek. . .


At that moment, Chiriko happened to be passing outside Miaka¹s door. He

heard the shriek. . .

“Oh, Gods!” he said. “Miaka’s being attacked!” He tried the door, and found it locked. . .

Of course, he thought. Whatever Serriyu-creep had gotten in there had

bolted the door behind him. The windows were also tightly locked and

shuttered. . .

“Hang on in there, Miaka!” he called. “I’ll get the others!”


Miaka snapped out of her passionate reverie. “Did someone call my name?” she said.

Tamahome came up until he was face-to-face with her, and said, “Probably just someone talking outside. . .I don’t think anyone was calling you.” He brought his lips to hers and kissed her, hotly, passionately. . .She let her

tongue flicker into his mouth, and tasted herself. It was wildly, strangely


When the kiss broke, he whispered, “Besides. . .this is our special time

together. If someone else wants you. . .they can wait. Right now. . .it’s

just you and me. . .”

He slid down her body until his mouth was level with her nipples.

Reverently, he kissed the left one, then drew it into his mouth and suckled

hungrily. She leaned back her head and began moaning again. . .


Chiriko found Nuriko and Tasuki out by the stables. “You have to come NOW. . .Miaka’s in trouble!”

“Trouble?” said Nuriko. “What kind of trouble?”

“I don’t know. . .but she was moaning and screaming, like somebody was

hurting her. . .”

“Whoever it was,” Tasuki shouted, brandishing his tessen, “I’m gonna roast the @#$% alive!”

“We’re on our way now!” Nuriko said. “Chiriko, find the others. . .”


Tamahome switched his mouth to the other breast, licking at the hard bud

with long, slow laps that made Miaka shudder and cry out. She could feel the

honey pouring from her, soaking the fabric of the couch. . .and she wasn’t


Tamahome slid a hand down her stomach, caressing the soft, soft flesh. .

.moving lower, lower, until he was caressing the damp russet curls at her

most secret juncture again. . .

He raised his head. “How do you like my dream so far, my sweet?”

“Ohh. . .ohh, it’s wonderful. . .”

“Do you like it when I have my mouth there, Miaka? Do you want it there


“Yes. . .oh, GODS yes. . .”

“Then relax, honey. . .relax and let me love you. . .I’m going to make you

scream. . .”


Chichiri had been coming back from the fishing pond when he saw Chiriko go

running like a bat out of hell away from Miaka’s door. He had assumed,

correctly, that the boy genius had heard something amiss in there and gone

for help.

“I have to tell the emperor, no da!” he said, heading for the throne room. . .


Tamahome eagerly buried himself in his lover’s sweet secrets again, slowly licking circles around her jewel, teasing her by flicking his tongue over it

now and again, only to continue licking circles a second later. While he

continued this, he slowly pushed one finger into her womanhood, just far

enough so that she could feel it, but that her precious virginity was not

endangered. When she moaned in deep pleasure, he pushed a second finger in

to join the first, then gently began to stroke her from inside. Miaka let

out a wail, lifting her hips off the couch, wanting more pleasure, more,

more, more. . .

Tamahome began to thrust the fingers in and out, while his other hand

slipped up her body and grabbed one of her breasts, gently squeezing the

nipple between thumb and forefinger. Miaka was trembling on the very brink

of orgasm, gasping, tangling her fingers in his hair, pulling him closer and

closer. . .

“TAMAHOME!” she cried. “TAMAHOME!”


Little did they know that a crowd had gathered outside Miaka’s door. . .

“She’s in there!” said Hotohori. “I can hear her screaming for Tamahome!”

“Where the @#$% is *he* when she’s in danger?” said Tasuki.

“It doesn’t matter!” said Nuriko. “Let’s just break the door down and get

her out of there!”


She was there. . .he could feel it. . .the tension, the slight trembling. . .

And now, he thought, to fulfill my promise. . .I’m going to make her

scream. . .

He flicked his tongue up to her pearl and began to lash it repeatedly and

quickly. She felt the explosion of ecstasy within, and thought her entire

body would erupt into fireworks. . .

“AAAAHHHH!!!” she screamed as she hit the peak. . .as her hips raised up

off the couch, grinding herself against her lover’s mouth. . .

As the door splintered and caved in. . .


The seishi just stared, dumbfounded. Then, Tasuki covered Chiriko’s eyes.

“What the HELL?” said Nuriko.

It took a second for reality to sink in. . .and then Miaka saw the others

and screamed.

Tamahome covered her naked body with his own. . .equally naked. . .and

shouted, “HENTAIS! What, do you spy on everyone? Are you expecting this to

turn into an ORGY, for crying out loud?”

Hotohori could only stare with his mouth wide open. . .and his nose

bleeding. “Mi-mi-Miaka. . .”

Even Tasuki was at a loss for words. “Um. . .we. . .you. . .him. . .IT’S


“HEY! I thought she was in trouble!” Chriko said.

“OUT!” Tamahome said, getting up and going into a fighting stance. . .still

nude. “OUT! OUT! OUT!!!”

The others fled. . .not even Hotohori was going to put up an argument. .

.and Miaka began to cry.

“They know!” she said. “They all know we’re. . .well, it’s not really

sleeping together, but. . .”

He hugged her. “I think they’ve known. . .or at least have guessed about

it. . .for a long time. After all, we love each other.”

“I can’t look any of them in the eye again.”

“Yes, you can. If they look at you funny, just ask them, ‘And when was the

last time somebody made *you* scream with joy?’ That’ll shut them up.”

She sighed. “Oh, Gods. . .what do we do now?” She looked at the shattered door. . .picking up where they left off was *not* an option. . .

“Let’s put on kimonos and go to my room.” He indicated his erection, which had not entirely gone away. . . “After all, we have some unfinished business to attend to. . .”

“Unfinished business?”

“Yes. . .the *rest* of my dream. The ‘turnabout is fair play’ part. . .”

She looked at him with confusion for a second. . .and then it hit her. A

wicked smile slowly spread over her face, and she let her hand slide down

his body. . .

“Now, my love. . .it’s YOUR turn!”