A Hikaru no Go Sekkushiaru Roman

By Sailor Mac

It was one of those days when you thought your bones were going to melt.

Hikaru trudged down the street leading up to the Touya house, thinking that the usual three-block walk from the subway felt more like three miles. *Why the hell did we have to have a *formal* occasion today?* he thought. It was no big deal, just a luncheon to kick off the early rounds of the Meijin Tournament . . . but it still meant that all the pros had to wear *suits.*

The one that Hikaru was currently wearing felt like it was made of wet cement. *Emphasis on the *wet.* Now I know how fur-covered animals feel in the summer*, he thought.

Next to him, Akira walked straight and calm as ever, not even breaking a sweat. It baffled Hikaru how he could do that. . . no mere mortal should be able to withstand this heat.

*If I didn't know better,* he thought, *I'd think that all the things people say about him being cold-blooded, like a snake, were true. Except I know very well for a fact that he is *not* cold-blooded -- quite the opposite, in fact.*

"I'm surprised that there was such a small turnout today," Akira said, his voice even, as they walked up to the house. "I didn't think that many people were playing out of town."

"Probably didn't want to come out in this," Hikaru grumbled. "They were smart."

Akira frowned. "Why would this weather keep people from turning out? It's not as if there's major storms." He unlocked the front door.

His continued calm just served to annoy Hikaru more. *What, does he have an air conditioner in that suit?* he thought. But it didn't matter. They'd be going inside, and it would be cool, and . . .

He stepped into the Touya house and nearly choked. It was like a blast furnace in there. Suddenly, being back outside seemed preferable.

"Is your air conditioner broken?" he asked Akira.

"Oh, we don't have central air," Akira replied, moving toward the window, where Hikaru could see a portable air conditioner was installed.

*Great*, Hikaru thought. *These things can take eons to cool a room.*

"There's one here, one in my parents' room, and one in my room," Akira said, switching it on. "Since my parents are away for a couple of days, nobody's turned it on today yet."

He began closing the windows. "Until about five years ago, we didn't even have those. My parents just decided to get one for my room when I got the computer -- it can't get too hot. And then they decided they might as well get the other two."

Hikaru nearly fell face-first on the floor at that. "NO AIR? At ALL? How did you keep from dying?"

"On nights where it was hot, and it wasn't raining . . . I'd bring my futon outside."

This idea did not appeal to Hikaru. He used to play sports in the hot sun . . . but it was always with the knowledge he'd be able to cool off in an air-conditioned clubhouse or café afterwards!

But, then again, the thought of Akira lying on his futon outdoors, wearing nothing but his briefs, with the moonlight on his skin -- now *that* was a very appealing image indeed.

"Why don't we go outside while we wait for the house to cool down?" Akira said, shutting the last window.

"Gods, yes," Hikaru said. He threw open the door and went out into the yard. *Well, it's *slightly* cooler out here, at least*, he thought.

He walked toward the back of the house, frowning at the oh-so-traditional design. Rock garden, koi pond -- they just seemed irritating right now, because they were taking up room that, he thought, could be better utilized for an in-ground swimming pool!

It struck him just how different his childhood and Akira's had been. His had been modern convenience -- sleeping in a bed, central heating and air conditioning, electric everything . . .

Akira lived in at atmosphere so traditional, Hikaru wondered if things had been all that much different in Sai's day.

And yet, they had both found their way to the same timeless path -- because a bridge between the past and the present had come into Hikaru's life. Sai.

Akira moved to the koi pond and contemplated it quietly for a moment, then said, "You know . . . we're very spoiled in the modern world."

It was if he had been reading Hikaru's thoughts. Akira had an uncanny way of doing that sometimes, and, strangely, it was most irritating when it happened *away* from the Goban.

Hikaru looked around for a place to sit and finally settled for leaning against a tree. *Damn all these rocks! How about some *lawn chairs*?* he thought. "What do you mean, spoiled?"

Not taking his eyes from the pond, Akira said, "In centuries past, Go players sat at the board for hours, in the hot sun, wearing long robes -- they just accepted the heat. They didn't expect any kind of artificial cooling."

"And they all died young," Hikaru replied.

"Not all," Akira said. "Maybe we're more naturally resistant to heat than we realize."

And then, something dawned on Hikaru. One of Akira's normal habits was tugging at his collar and cuffs, the thing that always served to drive Hikaru nuts, sometimes with annoyance, sometimes with desire.

He was doing it twice as quickly as normal. A pull on the right cuff . . . . then running his finger under his collar . . . then pulling on the left cuff . . .

He looked like a man who was barely holding in the urge to tear off his own clothes.

*Akira's just talking a lot*, Hikaru thought. *He's every bit as hot as I am, and he doesn't want to show it. He's being stoic, as usual -- and if I point this out to him, he'll insist he's fine.*

And a wicked idea started to occur to him. Akira was *right by* the koi pond, the only source of water in the area . . .

Akira was quietly contemplating the pond again, one arm crossed over him, the other balled in a loose fist and pressed against his chin, a light breeze picking up and ruffling his hair.

*I should go upstairs and turn on my room air conditioner so we can play*, he thought, *since Shindou insisted on air conditioning. . .*

The next thing he knew, there were hands shoving his back, and he was tumbling face-first into the water. The koi shot away from him as if they had been shot out of a gun.

There was a brief pause . . . and then, he arose from the water, choking, spluttering, his wet hair plastered all over his face, hanging in his eyes, his suit sticking to his body.

Hikaru took one look at that and began to laugh. And laugh. He doubled over, clutching his sides . . . and when Akira tried to take a step out of the pond, lost his balance and tumbled down again, it only made him laugh all the harder.

"I don't see anything funny!" Akira snapped as he staggered to his feet again. "Shindou! Why the HELL did you do that!"

"You looked like you needed cooling off," Hikaru giggled, walking over to the edge of the pool. *I know I should help him up*, he thought, *but I'm enjoying this too much.*

Akira saw his chance. *He thinks this is funny? I'll fight fire with fire.* He sat down again, reached out and grabbed Hikaru's ankle, giving it a firm tug.

Hikaru tumbled into the water so fast, his brain didn't have a chance to register what was happening until he landed with a huge SPLASH. He pulled himself up slowly, coughing, reaching up to push his sodden hair away.

*I should have realized he'd do that,* Hikaru thought with a bit of chagrin.

He saw Akira sitting across from him, arms crossed, giving him his I'm-going-to-destroy-you-in-this-game glare of death.

"Not so funny now, is it?" Akira said.

Hikaru's answer was to scoop up a handful of water and fling it at his rival. It hit Akira square in the face, bringing on another round of choking and spluttering. He reached up an already wet arm to fruitlessly wipe away the water . . .

Then, he grabbed a handful of water and flung it at Hikaru. He tried to duck out of the way, but it still ended up catching him in the eyes. One he managed to un-blind himself, he scooped up as much water as he could with both hands and threw it, bringing an answering blast from his rival . . .

"HA!" Hikaru said, and he swept his arm over the surface of the water, sending a whole mini-wave shooting in Akira's direction. Akira managed to dodge it, most of it, anyway, and put both arms under the water, bringing them up rapidly to create a *huge* splash.

And as they sent waves and sheets and bursts of water shooting at each other, Akira began to realize a strange thing . . . he was *enjoying this.* A *lot.* He suddenly found himself laughing as he used both arms to create the biggest wave he could, only to find it countered by another wave shooting from Hikaru's direction.

Hikaru was laughing as well as he scooped water up in his hands, moved over to Akira and dumped it right over his head, and Akira did the same thing to Hikaru, and they began to splash each other in the face at close range.

And then, suddenly, Akira found himself throwing his arms around Hikaru and bringing their lips together in a soft, but passionate kiss. He wasn't quite sure what made him do it -- maybe it was just the giddy joy of the moment, maybe it was the sexy way his lover looked soaked with water, his clothes clinging to him like a second skin.

Hikaru was startled at first, but his arms came up around Akira's shoulders and he deepened the kiss, probing into his lover's mouth eagerly with his tongue. He could taste the freshness of the water on top of the warm, spicy flavor of Akira.

And even though being in the pond had cooled him down, Hikaru suddenly started to feel very warm again.

"We should get out of the water," Hikaru whispered when they broke apart.

"Mmm," Akira replied, toying with Hikaru's sodden tie. "And get out of some other things, as well."

Hikaru knew just what he meant. A quick glance around the Touya property confirmed that it was surrounded by shrubbery and fencing -- just enough to keep out prying eyes . . .

He jumped out of the koi pond and opened his arms to Akira. Akira followed, and the boys embraced, kissing hotly. Their lips came apart and their tongues came out to brush and stroke against each other as they reached up to each other's ties, fighting to undo the wet knots, then tossing them on the ground -- the first obstacle gone.

Their jackets landed on the ground next, and they began working on each other's shirts -- which wasn't as easy as it seemed at first. The tiny buttons, which were hard enough to force into the holes when the shirts were dry, were near-impossible now -- at a couple of points, both boys were ready to just rip the damn things off. But they kept at it.

After what seemed like an eternity, the shirts fell as well, and they kissed hotly again.

A breeze came up at that moment, passing over their damp skin, sending a small chill through them both . . . but it was more delicious than uncomfortable, because it seemed to emphasize the *nakedness* all the more.

*Gods, he looks so sexy,* Hikaru thought, *with his hair all wet, and all those little droplets all over his body . . .*

He reached up with both hands and braced his fingers on either side of his rib cage, so he could reach out with his thumbs and begin caressing Akira's nipples, rubbing over them in quick circles, feeling them harden under his touch . . . which just made him all the hotter.

Akira made a little purring noise, and decided to return the favor, bringing his own hands to Hikaru's sides, rubbing his thumbs over the little buds. Hikaru let out a deep sigh, which was answered by a low groan from Akira.

One small corner of Akira's pleasure-fuzzed brain was telling him that this was not the place for this, that they could get caught, that even if the neighbors couldn't see them, they could certainly hear, and a couple of them would not be above blabbing to his parents . . .

But that just served to make what they were doing all the more exciting, like when they were in the Room of Profound Darkness -- the very idea of being a bad boy, when you'd devoted your whole life to being disciplined, felt just plain wonderful.

Their mouths came together over and over as Hikaru moved his hands so he could gently squeeze the nipples, release them, squeeze them again . . . And then Akira's fingers were on him, doing the same thing, and Hikaru felt a deep shiver run through his body.

He broke from Akira's mouth and began licking down his neck, leaving a hot, wet trail as one hand moved down, down over his belly, searching for the hardness in his pants . . .

Akira let out a cry as Hikaru's hand cupped his erection, squeezing gently through the layers of wet cloth, and another as the boy's mouth closed on his nipple, sucking hard. He arched his hips toward him, his head falling back, eyes closed, lips parted as he breathed heavily . . .

"Get these off," Hikaru said, tugging at the zipper. "Now."

Akira pulled away from Hikaru just long enough to shed the rest of his clothing -- gods, his hands were shaking. Only Hikaru could undo his normally unruffled calm, make him tremble, make his heart pound -- at or away from the Goban.

When he was naked, he drew Hikaru into his arms for another kiss, but it was less a kiss than a tongue battle, their lips barely touching. Akira licked away from Hikaru's lips, passing his tongue lightly over his chin, then over to his ear, teasing the tiny hole . . .

"Ooohhh," Hikaru sighed, his hands moving up and down Akira's arms, then over his shoulders, down his chest, stopping to swirl over the nipples just long enough to make his lover gasp.

He breathed deeply, and he could smell the delicious scents of *outdoors* . . . the fragrance of flowers, of grass, of a patch of freshly-turned dirt in the garden . . . and on top of that, the warm and spicy scent of *Akira.*

He purred. *Oh, yes, this is just luscious*, he thought. Being out here just made him feel . . . wild. Like being in nature brought out natural urges you'd never allowed yourself to feel before, to try new things, experiment -- and there was something he wanted to do right now . . .

Akira felt Hikaru start to slide down his body, slowly, damp skin passing over damp skin, and he braced himself, expecting to feel the boy's lips and tongue on his erection next (*yes,* he thought, *please, please, he is so good at that . . .*)

But instead, he felt Hikaru pull away from him, and he was confused. "Hikaru? What are you doing?"

That's when he felt the hands cup his bottom, and start to squeeze, hard. He let out a loud gasp . . . and then again when the hands released him, and started rubbing in rapid up-and-down motions. He realized Hikaru was on the ground behind him now.

A soft warmth began to spread from Akira's bottom and spread all over him . . . he leaned into Hikaru's touch, making a long, low sound. Hikaru was squeezing one cheek hard and softly caressing the other . . . and then switching sides . . . and then brushing his fingers over both in little circles . . .

"That's so good," Akira moaned. "Please . . . more . . ."

"Mmm, you'll get more, all right." Hikaru leaned over and began to lay soft little kisses over the right side . . . then the left one . . . he leaned over and nuzzled the firm curve with his face, reverently. . .

Oh, yes, this ass was a wonder to be worshipped.

He put his lips to Akira's bottom again, but this time the kiss was harder and harsher, sucking at the flesh, making his lover jump and shout "Ohh!" He moved his head a few inches up and did it again, sucking even harder, and Akira cried out a second time.

Encouraged, Hikaru decided to get even more daring. He moved his head to the other cheek and *bit* . . .

. . . and Akira let out a yelp that was decidedly *not* of pleasure, pulling away from Hikaru and whirling around, that predatory "game face" look in his eyes.

Hikaru just clamped his hand over his mouth, turning red, as if the wrong words had just slipped out, which happened so often with him. He looked up at Akira with wide eyes, realizing he'd just ruined the moment . . .

"Um . . . oops?" Hikaru said.

"Be more careful when you do that!" Akira said, rubbing at his sore bottom, certain he'd have a black-and-blue mark there tomorrow -- if not long-term teeth marks.

"Hey, I just thought you'd *like* that!" Hikaru retorted, jumping to his feet.

"I thought you were going to bite right through! You should . . ."

Akira suddenly stopped. *If we get into a fight,* he thought, *we'll just yell at each other, and yell some more, and then he'll grab his clothes and storm off, and I don't want this afternoon to end like this.*

He took a deep breath, and said, "Look . . . I'll show you." And he leaned over and kissed Hikaru again, softly. Hikaru seemed to resist him at first, his lips not moving . . . then, they began to part slowly, and his tongue reached for Akira's tentatively. . . . when they came together, however, the kiss became deep and fiery all at once, and Akira reached down and unsnapped the boy's pants, tugging at the zipper.

Hikaru eagerly pulled away long enough to strip himself to the skin, and the next thing he felt was Akira's hands on his bottom . . . squeezing, releasing, then massaging, then squeezing again . . .

*Oh, gods, this feels even better than I thought it did!* Hikaru thought. He leaned back against Akira, and then let out a little whimper as he felt the other boy's lips touch him . . . a feathery kiss, barely making contact . . . then a small swipe of his tongue . . . then more tiny barely-kisses over the curve . . .

"Now," Akira whispered. "This is what you do . . ." And Hikaru felt his teeth touch him, but barely, tightening on him just hard enough that he'd *feel* it . . . then release.

"Soft," Akira whispered huskily, and Hikaru felt his teeth barely-nip him again, a tiny bit harder this time, making him give out a low, throaty cry.

"Gentle," Akira whispered, and then nipped at the right cheek . . . then the left . . . then the right again. He nuzzled the curve in front of him with his face, the way Hikaru had done, rubbing at the other one firmly.

"Aaaahhh," Hikaru moaned. He never knew that much pleasure could come from that part of his bottom. Oh, he was well familiar with the sensation of Akira's hands there, and from the sensations that came from being penetrated . . . but this . . . it was almost as intense as if Akira were using his mouth and hands on the *other* side of his pelvic area.

Akira was well aware of how Hikaru was responding -- and how he'd responded to Hikaru doing this -- and he had a sudden inspiration . . .

He stood up and turned around, pressing his own bottom to Hikaru's. And he began to move his hips, so one firm curve slid over the other . . . up and down, very slowly, then side to side . . . up and down again, then rolling his hips in a figure eight motion.

He felt Hikaru stiffen in surprise, heard him gasp . . . and then felt his lover's hips start to move rapidly, pushing back against Akira, grinding their asses together. As Hikaru slid to the right, Akira moved to the left, over and over, before rolling their hips in circles.

The area where Hikaru bit was a tiny bit sore, but that didn't matter to Akira -- the pleasure coming from all around it more than made up for the little bit of pain. And he moved faster still.

Hikaru leaned his head back, his eyes closed, breathing deeply, letting the slow, honeyed waves of pleasure wash over him. "Soo good," Hikaru moaned, his hands coming back to stroke over Akira's torso.

Akira increased his own speed, leaning back into Hikaru . . . his hands reached back and around, skimming over the other boy's body . . . this was a sensation unlike any he had ever experienced, his sensitive flesh rubbing over and over the graceful, firm curves.

The sun warming his skin just seemed to be penetrating to the very core of him, mixing with the burning heat radiating from his bottom and turning it into a small blaze.

Hikaru pressed his hips backward, wanting to feel more of Akira, all of him, wishing there was a way to penetrate him and do *this* at the same time, because this was so sexy, so sensuous, smooth skin and firm flesh coming together again and again, each delicious bit of friction setting off a new wave of delicious little tingles . . .

*If only there were a way for us to come like this*, he thought . . .

Which led to an idea. If it felt this good rubbing their asses together, what would it feel like to rub . . .

He eased away from Akira, and heard his lover groan a bit in disappointment.

"Come over here with me," Hikaru said, pointing to the shade of one of the bigger trees in the yard. "Lie down."

Akira did as he was told -- and oh, how hot Hikaru looked to him, stretching his naked body in the green grass, at once as innocent as an angel and as wicked as a devil. He leaned over and kissed Hikaru, deeply, his hands sweeping up and down the blond's sides.

"Sexy," Akira whispered as they broke apart.

"So are you," Hikaru replied. "I can't get enough of you." He opened his legs a bit, one hand rubbing Akira's chest. "Lie on top of me . . . I want to try something . . ."

Akira gave him a slightly quizzical look, but did as he was told, lying full-length atop his lover. Hikaru brought his legs up and wrapped them around Akira's hips, but didn't lift them high enough to allow penetration.

He moved his hips a bit until his erection contacted Akira's, and at the touch, both boys gasped.

"This is how I want to come," Hikaru whispered. "Rubbing against you, like this . . ."

The very idea of that made a hot shudder run through Akira. After what they had just done, nothing could have sounded sexier. He brought his head down, kissing him hard, pressing their hips together, shifting a bit to the right, a bit to the left, until . . .


Akira began to move, slowly and tentatively . . .

"OUCH!" Hikaru shouted, his whole body jolting upward. "Too hard!"

"Sorry . . ." Akira pulled back quickly. . . the last thing he'd been expecting was pain. "I think we'll want to put some lube on both of us, reduce the friction some . . . Is it in your backpack?"

"Yes . . . and the backpack is . . . oh, no, in the house . . ."

"I'll get it," Akira said, rolling off Hikaru and leaping to his feet in one graceful motion.

He literally ran into the house, finding the backpack dropped in the living room. He unzipped it and quickly looked for the hidden zipper concealing the lube, all the while thinking -- with much amusement -- of the mailman coming by, or some nosy press person, and seeing the boy genius of Go naked as the day he was born and with a full erection.

Hikaru thought Akira had been gone forever when he came rushing back outside, the tube in his hand. His lover knelt beside him and leaned over, kissing him hard, sliding his tongue in and out of his lips.

Akira squeezed some lube out into his hand and took Hikaru's manhood into his hand, stroking it rapidly to coat it, feeling Hikaru shudder in response. He passed the tube to Hikaru, and he braced himself for his lover's touch, moaning as the boy's fingers slid over and over his shaft, coating him with the cool, slippery gel.

He lay atop Hikaru again, pulling his hips back a little further than before, so he wasn't pushing so hard against him, and started again . . . sliding forward, slowly, gently, one lubed erection slipping over the other.

There was a loud gasp from both boys as they were flooded with an incredible sensation, like fireworks going off all over them.

Akira began to move, thrusting slowly, sliding up, then down. He let out a low, throaty sound as Hikaru's hands moved up and down his back, sliding around and around, gripping tightly as he started to pick up speed.

Hikaru arched upward, his own hips starting to move in tandem with Akria's as small jolts ran all the way through his body

The feeling, it was unbelievable . . . the heads of their erections stroking, stroking each other, the heat of Akira's shaft as it pressed against his . . . it never ceased to amaze Hikaru that their manhoods could be at once the same, and yet quite different.

.His eyes were open wide, staring up through the pattern of leaves at the clear blue sky, feeling another light breeze caress their heated skin, now more damp with sweat than water.

Over and over, they moved, their bodies writhing and twisting, as if unable to contain the pleasure. Akira stopped altogether . . . then started thrusting again rapidly, moving his hips a bit to the right, then the left, stimulating different parts of their erections, making both of them gasp.

With a small growl, Akira leaned over and swept his tongue up Hikaru's neck and into his mouth, and they kissed fiercely, clinging to each other.

And then, Hikaru pushed a little to the left, changing their balance . . . Akira got the idea, and together, they rolled so that Hikaru was on top. They paused for a moment, just holding each other, panting . . .

Hikaru started to move again, moving his hips in a figure eight which rapidly grew faster and faster. Akira grabbed onto that bottom he'd paid so much loving attention to before and gripped it, raising his hips, both boys grinding hard against each other now, the sensation flirting with the boarder of pain and pleasure . . . which only made it more delicious.

Akira could only let out one loud moan after another, his long hair spread out wildly on the grass, feeling soft against his own cheek as he tossed his head wildly from side to side.

His hands gripped Hikaru's bottom again as he was flooded with the mad intoxication of skin-on-skin contact, until it felt like they were going to melt into each other, until there was no Hikaru and Akira, there would be just *them* . . .

He buried his face in the juncture of Hikaru's head and shoulder, moaning loudly, his legs tightening around him, his hips pumping faster, faster . . .

Hikaru's hands wandered over and over Akira's sides and arms, their hips moving at a near-desperate pace now . . . *We're so close*, Hikaru thought, *just a little more, a little more . . .*

The world seemed to freeze in place, and Akira gasped . . . then let out a long, low, throaty sound of passion, which became a cry as the heated waves of ecstasy swept over him, again and again. His body arched up to the sky twice, then fell limp.

Hikaru felt the wetness as Akira came, heard his lover's cries . . . and he felt himself going over the edge as well, shuddering over and over as sweet warmth consumed him.

He collapsed atop Akira, and for a long moment, there was no sound but their ragged breathing and soft whimpers. Finally, they brought their lips together for a soft kiss.

"That . . . was a good idea I had," Hikaru said with a sleepy smile.

"Mmmm," Akira replied. He reached up, brushed his hair out of his eyes -- and noticed it had gotten hotter than ever, even in the shade. They'd been so caught up in each other that they hadn't noticed.

"Hikaru . . . I want to go back in the house."

"Hmmm?" Hikaru had his head on Akira's chest, and was half-asleep.

"I'm hot."

Hikaru raised his head and regarded his lover through hazy eyes. "You're right. You are. You're the hottest guy I ever laid eyes on."

"That's not what I meant! I want to get in the air conditioning! It's cooled the house down now . . . Look, let's just go in, and take a shower, and then . .

Hikaru sat up and looked at him. "Shower? Hmm, I can go for that -- but I could always throw you back in the koi pond, you know."

"Don't you DARE!"

"Come on, you loved it!"

"I loved what happened afterwards. I didn't love being shoved in the water! Wearing a suit, yet!"

"Wouldn't have gotten you out of that suit otherwise." Hikaru scooped up their wet clothes and ran for the house. "Face it, Touya, we couldn't have come up with a better way to beat the heat."

Akira was going to retort -- and then realized he couldn't.

Because Hikaru was right.


This story came about because of the July challenge issued by Aishuu on the message boards. I decided to put another level of challenge on myself: To write an effective yaoi lemon without fellatio or anal penetration. It forced me to think out of the box, that's for sure.

More inspiration came from this lovely picture done by my friend Entropygirl: -- now you can see why there was so much butt worship in this story. ~_^

Further inspiration came from the luscious HikaAki DJ my very dear friend Sonya-chan did for an Umbrella Studios doujinshi, FanMix, that will be sold at Otakon. Purr.

Thanks tons to Aishuu for acting as my editor on this piece and for coming up with the title, and to everyone at GoGo Neko and the HikaGo Yaoi message boards for your support. And to Steve and Sonya, as always.

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