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Stories - Full Metal Alchemist
Full Metal Alchemist mixes magic, steampunk, and high drama all into one heady package.

Remember, if it's marked [ADULT CONTENT] , you're saying you're legally able to view adult content when you click on the link!


  • Aduration [ADULT CONTENT]  - Two years after the end of the TV series, Russell Tringham just wants to right his wrongs of the past. However, his life is turned upside-down when Edward Elric suddenly reappears. Why is he in Xenotime? What is the connection between him and a group of political extremists who have suddenly taken an interest in Russell?  And why does Russell suddenly find Ed so utterly fascinating?

  • By The Book [ADULT CONTENT]  - Why has Russell been left a library of books by a wealthy, eccentric man -- especially some that are about a type of human chemistry that isn't exactly alchemical?

  • Snake In The Playpen [ADULT CONTENT]  - Ed gets a mission to find a member of a terrorist group. Unfortunately, it involves going undercover in an upscale bordello, with Russell as his steady customer.