Sailor Mac's Secret Millenium
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I've been writing in several fandoms since 1998, so I've had to subdivide my page into different categories.

Just be warned a lot of my stories have adult content. These are clearly marked, so if you click on a story *YOU* are consenting to read it, and by doing so you declare you're of age to read it.

Below are the collected works of Sailor Mac. Many works here are adult in nature, and these are clearly marked with an [ADULT CONTENT] sign: By clicking on such a marked link you confirm you are of legal age in your area to view such material, that viewing such material is legal in your area, and that you take full responsibility for accessing said material. The owner of this site has gone to great lengths to ensure the stories are in good taste, are romantic, and that the characters are of a reasonable age. The reader takes full responsibility for reception of this material upon clicking on the link.