Sailor Mac's Secret Millenium
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Stories - Weiss Kreuz 
It's got erratic animation, and sure it's deliberately cast with pretty boys, but its a fun show that really does a lot with its characters.

Remember, if it's marked [ADULT CONTENT] , you're saying you're legally able to view adult content when you click on the link!


  • Herzen [ADULT CONTENT] Ken and Omi have a very romantic Valentine's Day celebration planned. . .if only the can get the time to carry their plans out.

  • Erlosung [ADULT CONTENT] - In the aftermath of tragedy, Ken and Omi discover their true feelings for each other. Spoilers for episodes 4 and up!

  • Rache [ADULT CONTENT] - After one of his admirers is poisoned, Omi must find those responsible with almost no information to go on. Fortunately, Ken is around to provide love, support, and a pleasant distraction. (NOTE: Contains spoilers for episodes 4-up)}

  • Spielen [ADULT CONTENT] Weiss goes on a special mission to the Olympic Games, where some members find their pasts coming back to haunt them.

  • Weihnachten [ADULT CONTENT] On Christmas Eve, Omi suffers from an attack of holiday angst, and Ken must help him find out what the root of the problem is.

  • Fallen Angels [ADULT CONTENT] When Lucifer becomes the target of a mysterious killer, Weiss is assigned to track down the culprit. But the case may have repercussions they hadn't planned on, especially when Omi realizes he may have to choose between friendship and duty.

  • Vereitelung[ADULT CONTENT] The flower shop goes on the road, the quarters get closer, and Ken and Omi are incredibly frustrated. Increased mobility for Weiss means decreased private time . . .