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Stories - Hikaru No Go
Who'd think an anime about a boy who finds a haunted Go board could be so compelling? It's an amazing series with richly detailed characters.

Remember, if it's marked [ADULT CONTENT] , you're saying you're legally able to view adult content when you click on the link!


  • French Vanilla[ADULT CONTENT] - Hikaru feels Akira needs to relax, and he's willing to take drastic steps to make it happen.
  • Light Comes Into Darkness[ADULT CONTENT] - During an all-night Go marathon, Hikaru and Akira end up having an interlude in an unusual setting. AkiHika PWP.
  • Slippery When Wet[ADULT CONTENT] - It's one of the hottest days of the year, and Hikaru comes up with a unique way to beat the heat. AkiHika/HikaAki PWP
  • Toys in Boyland[ADULT CONTENT] - On their first Christmas Eve living together, Hikaru buys a present designed to put added spice in their love life, and Akira isn't thrilled. Will they have a happy holiday after all? AkiHika yaoi lemon.
Balance - A series of dreams sends Hikaru and Akira's relationship onto a course neither one of them expected. AkiHika, contains lemon.
  • Part 1, Spiritual[ADULT CONTENT] -Akira is suffering mysterious dreams of a figure from the past. What does this mean, and how is this connected to his relationship with Hikaru? AkiHika lemon .
  • Part 2, Physical[ADULT CONTENT] - Hikaru and Akira are ready to take their relationship to the next level, but they're not sure what they're doing. Akira's solution? Research. But there's also the question of whether two Go players can be both lovers *and* rivals.
  • Part 3, Social[ADULT CONTENT] - Hikaru and Akira seem headed for true glory -- they're about to play in a big tournament for young players and a publicist is determined to make them stars. But then, something happens that throws their lives into utter turmoil.
  • Part 4, Mental[ADULT CONTENT] - Hikaru and Akira move into their own apartment and find the domestic life isn't as easy as they thought it was -- especially when Hikaru's mother starts to interfere.
  • Part 5, Emotional[ADULT CONTENT] - A reunion with an old friend makes Hikaru want to mend fences with other people who are no longer in his life, while Akira faces a father who deeply disapproves of his relationship with Hikaru -- and is willing to take drastic steps to get in its way.