Sailor Mac's Secret Millenium
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Stories - Fushigi Yuugi
History, magic, tough heroines, drama, and a bevy of good-looking guys. What's not to like?

Remember, if it's marked [ADULT CONTENT] , you're saying you're legally able to view adult content when you click on the link!


  • First Night [ADULT CONTENT] - (collaboration with Sailor Star Love) It's New Year's Eve in the Universe of the Four Gods, and everyone's indulging in a bit too much holiday cheer. . .except Miaka and Tamahome, who are having a very *private* celebration. Meanwhile, something is blooming between Tasuki and Chichiri. . .(NOTE: Contains yaoi).

  • A Fire in the Heart [ADULT CONTENT] - Miaka and Tamahome long for each other so much it hurts. . .but there's that pesky "the miko has to stay a virgin" prohibition hanging over their heads. . .what's a couple in love to do? Nuriko thinks he has the answer. . .

  • One Sweet Night [ADULT CONTENT] - This fic takes a well-known scene from Episode 45 of the series one step further. Facing the possibility of dying in battle the next day, Miaka and Tamahome try to make the most of what may be their last night together. . .

  • In Love and War [ADULT CONTENT] (Collaboration With Sailor Star Love) - As war ranges between Konan and Kutou, Tasuki and Chichiri come to grips with their feelings for each other. Meanwhile, in the "real" world, Miaka finds that making a fantasy come true can be easier said than done. (Note: Contains yaoi).

  • Miaka's Usual Morning [ADULT CONTENT] - A short, silly, sexy piece in which the Suzaku Seishi learn never to believe everything their ears tell them. . . ~_^