Sailor Mac's Secret Millenium
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Stories - Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon is what first got me into anime and into fanfic. It's hard to believe how many years I wrote for it. You'll find it all here.

Maybe it seems goofy, maybe it hasn't aged well, but it has a special place in my heart and the history of anime.

Remember, if it's marked [ADULT CONTENT] , you're saying you're legally able to view adult content when you click on the link!


  • My Journey With Sailor Moon - Just how did all this start and why did Mac end her Sailor Moon writing? Find out?
  • "The Mac Pack" [ADULT CONTENT]- The entire 1998-1999 run of Sailor Mac's stories in a zip file, with index. Take your time . . .
  • Hot Controversy - Set before Sailor Super S, the Senshi face the menace of . . . a campus controversy over Internet pornography?
    Part 1 [ADULT CONTENT]- Amy touches off an unexpected firestorm when she discoveres sexually-oriented fiction about her alter ego on the campus server.
    Part 2 [ADULT CONTENT]- Pornography is the talk of the local campus, and Raye would just like some peace and quiet . . . as well as perusing an interesting magna brought to her attention by the crusade.
    Part 3 [ADULT CONTENT]- Lita phased by pornography about Sailor Jupiter? Hardly! However, her boyfriend is a different matter.
    Part 4 [ADULT CONTENT]- Campus elections are coming, pornography on campus servers is a big issue, and as the two sides clash it's . . . Mina to the rescue? Plus, Amy considers her role in the controversy.
    Part 5 [ADULT CONTENT]- The pornography controversy gets out of control for everyone involved - and a few people who arent. Darrien confronts issues about his life that leave Serena fearing for their relationship. Its a time for healing if people can just stop fighting.
    Part 6 [ADULT CONTENT]- The controversy is ended, lives return to normal, but no one is quite the same. As something resembling peace settles over the campus, people face their own changes, including some they didn't expect.
  • The War of Dreams - Nehelenia returns from her imprisonment, a mysterious voice guides the lost soul Helios, and the dreams of gods and men come into play. Let the battle for the future of the Earth begin . . .
    Part 1 [ADULT CONTENT]- A mysterious double eclipse heralds strange changes for the world, while Reenie and Serena recieve unexpected visitors and new powers. Meanwhile, Adam wishes Amy would stop her experiments and give him a rest . . .
    Part 2 [ADULT CONTENT]- Strange attacks begin on the citizens of Tokyo, seemingly targeting people close to the Sailor Soldiers, and nightmares continue in their wake. Can Lita withstand her confrontation with Tigereye? Will Tigereye ever come off of his ego trip? And what is Helios' mysterious connection to Reenie - or is obession a better word?
    Part 3 [ADULT CONTENT]-As the Dead Moon Circus steps up its attacks on innocent citizens, Raye becomes concerned about Amy's increasing obsession with researching sexuality. Meanwhile, Reenie becomes jealous of Darien's friendship with David, and Fish Eye decides he has something to prove.
    Part 4 [ADULT CONTENT]-The only thing harder than being a Sailor Senshi may be fighting one - as Tigereye, Hawkseye, and Fisheye find out. Meanwhile Reene decides its time for a change, Lori meets some youma (who aren't happy to meet her), and Mina hopes to recieve her power-up!
    Part 5 [ADULT CONTENT]-Sailors Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are drawn into the battle against the Dead Moon Circus, while Darien battles a curse that threatens to consume him body
    and soul.
    Part 6 [ADULT CONTENT]- Amy begins to wonder if she'll ever reach Super form -- and if things will ever be the same with Adam again. Meanwhile, Reenie finds a new power and the servants of the Dead Moon Circus are on the verge of revolt.
    Part 7 [ADULT CONTENT]- The world is under seige as Nehelenia launches her final attack, and ancient plans are realized - and one of the warriors will never be the same as the series draws to a close . . .